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I have decided to do a photo challenge. I am following a 30 day version I found on Pinterest but I am doing one each week instead of one each day.

There are many reasons for this photo challenge but the main one is that most professionals encourage embarking on such a journey as it helps develop several skills and improves one’s photography overall.

The first photo challenge is to take a self-portrait. This was certainly a challenge for me and it is even more difficult for me to share. I, like most females, am not entirely in love with the way I look, especially in photographs. It was also a challenge because I do not have a tripod, backdrop, or studio lighting.

This photo was taken with a colored poster board behind me (resting on a dining room chair), a window to the right of me (which needed to be diffused but I don’t currently have a means to do that), a white poster board as a reflector to my left (also sitting on a dining room chair), and since I don’t have a tripod, my husband acted as the tripod and simply held the camera for me but did not interact at all.

So here it is, my photo challenge day one self-portrait:


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