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I figured it only seemed logical to tell you about my Thanksgiving for this week’s “About Me” blog post. I would love to tell you about a perfect Thanksgiving Day where everything went as planned but that’s just not the way things go.

First of all, Thanksgiving took place at my parent’s house where I grew up. My mother put me in charge of bringing a dessert, specifically pumpkin cupcakes. I was very excited because I love to bake and I had a recipe I had been wanting to try. So, Wednesday evening I made the cupcakes and planned to ice them with homemade cinnamon frosting on Thursday morning before heading to my parent’s home.

I woke up Thursday morning after a restless night’s sleep and decided that a pumpkin muffin was the perfect way to start Thanksgiving morning (plus it allowed me to taste test my soon-to-be pumpkin cupcakes before feeding them to my family). Let’s just say I  couldn’t even make myself finish the whole thing because it was….well, not great. It was bitter (which makes sense now because it did only called for a 1/2 cup of brown sugar), and it was dry to the point of  it sticking to the roof of my mouth. This was not the sort of dessert I wanted to feed to my family.

So, I tried to come up with a back-up plan. I could have made corn flake cookies (if you have not had one of these, your life is not complete) or I could have run to the store, picked up some canned pumpkin, and tried a different recipe. I’m awful at making decisions so I decided to text my dad to see what he would suggest……no reply. So, I texted my mom to see what she wanted me to bring instead….no reply. At this point I was getting very stressed. My husband finally woke up and I explained the issue and he wasn’t of much assistance either. I finally got ahold of my dad and all he did was tell me not to stress about it and do whatever I wanted. ugh! I just wanted someone to tell me what to do. My mom finally messaged me back and said to just pick up some cookies (by this time I would not have had time to make anything).

So, I jumped in my car to head to Kroger to look for some delicious homemade looking cookies…..my check oil light came on. Not really a big deal, I know, but if you know me at all then you know having lights on my dash and little alarms that go off DRIVE ME CRAZY! Anyway, I arrived at Kroger and again could not make a decision so I got my mom on the phone and she decided I should just get two packs of the Kroger bakery cookies (they were buy one get one free). So I got to the cash register and found out that I was paying $7 for store bought cookies that aren’t even that great. sigh!

We finally arrived at my parent’s house and I had the honor of finally taking some family photos of my sister, her husband, and their two daughters. I say finally because my family has been bugging them for a long time about getting new photos taken. Let’s just say that I do not recommend photographing your own nieces if they are as crazy as mine (see photo below). They did not want to cooperate and it took everything in me to get even a slightly good photo of them looking and semi-smiling.


After finishing up this exhausting session I forgot to get a picture of my husband, Jay, and I together so I was super bummed.

Now it was time to head inside to see how the food prep was coming along.


My dad is always in charge of making the gravy


Mom’s broccoli casserole (she isn’t allowed to not make it)


My beautiful niece eagerly awaiting the food


The Turkey!


Going in the oven


Grandma and Dad working on perfecting the gravy


My dad’s famous bread dressing


Sweet Potato Casserole


Everyone working hard in the kitchen (and my sister stealing a piece of dressing)

Before the feast was served my dad had a free second to take a photo of Jay and I on this festive and memorable occasion.


After the photo and a few final touches, lunch was served. I didn’t eat a whole lot because of the whole gluten intolerance thing but everything was delicious and I cheated a little.


My plate


The spread & the family

After lunch my youngest niece insisted we help her save the baby pine cones so we all pitched in and saved as many as we could.


Next my oldest niece came up with the idea that her and her sister would ride around on their bikes and their uncle Jay would have to try to catch them on foot. He not only caught her, but he also stole her bike.




After that game concluded, we went on a quick bike ride/walk before the girls had to leave to visit more family.

For the next four hours my parents, grandparents, husband, and I played a game of dominoes. We had a lot of fun and overall it was a great day with family even though it didn’t go perfectly as planned.



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