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One of the comments I most often receive upon a guest entering my home is, “Wow, it’s so clean!” There is a reason for that. Some call me a “clean freak” and some diagnose me with obsessive compulsive disorder. I say, I just like things to be clean…in a very specific way.

So maybe the pattern of the vacuum lines in the carpet are important to me, so what?


And maybe I sweep and mop every single Monday.


I also might occasionally go through 30 some toothpicks in just one bathroom to ensure all of the nooks and crannies of the tile are clean.


I have a cleaning schedule that I very strictly stick to.

Monday: sweep & mop (use toothpicks if necessary)

Tuesday: Clean the kitchen

Wednesday: Clean the bathrooms and scrub the tub (haha that rhymed)

Thursday: Dusting

Friday: Any miscellaneous cleaning project I come across

Saturday: Laundry (the clothes need cleaned too)

Sunday: Ironing (not technically cleaning, I know, but I wanted to make sure you didn’t think I was a lazy bum on Sundays)

If however someone is coming over, I will clean everything again to make sure it looks good when they arrive.


Overkill? I think not.


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