Photo Tip Tuesday: What to wear to a photo shoot | Central Ohio Photography

On many occasions clients have asked what I recommend they wear for their session. That is a great question!!!! While I don’t have all the answers I do have a few suggestions.

#1 Wear something comfortable. It is best to wear an outfit that you feel amazing in and that you are comfortable posing in. Keep in mind that your photographer may ask you to sit, stand, or even lay down. (and roll over…I feel like I am asking a dog to do tricks. Haha!)

#2 Avoid baggy or boxy clothing. These items don’t look good in photographs and can often make us look bigger than we are. I’m pretty certain everyone wants to avoid that. I also recommend avoiding stripes and extremely bright/neon colors as they can be a little hard on the eyes.

#3 Keep the location in mind. If you are planning to stand in front of trees and other greenery, I don’t recommend wearing green as you will blend in to the background. Also consider patterns and how they will look with the background you have in mind.

#4 Matchy-Matchy is a no go! While it is a good idea to coordinate outfits for a family photo shoot, gone are the days of all white shirts and khaki pants. The advice I have for group sessions is to pick two or three colors that compliment each other and have each person wear those colors in a different way. Example: Mom wears jeans and a burgundy shirt, dad wears jeans and a white and navy blue plaid shirt, child wears navy blue dress. (I will admit that matching outfits for little girls is still cute and completely acceptable in photographs)

#5 Browse Pinterest. If you have a difficult time coming up with ideas, there is no shortage of them on Pinterest. You will find lots of good suggestions on what colors look good together and how to coordinate outfits. Happy pinning!

Hope this helps!!!

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