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These week’s photo challenge is “My Shoes.” I chose these specific shoes because of their personal meaning. I know what you’re thinking, I’m another one of those “crazy about shoes girls.” Actually, there is a lot more to this story.

I have had severe, chronic, low back pain for about 8 years now. I have been to every type of medical specialist, three rounds of physical therapy, and a chiropractor, and nothing has helped. The only thing that I learned from those doctors is there is nothing wrong with me…..tell that to my back.

So back to the shoes. Several years ago, I had about 12 pairs of heels, all of which I gave away to my sister when I realized I would more than likely never be able to wear them again. This made me upset because it wasn’t just about the shoes, to me it represented hopelessness. I had given up on ever being better – of ever being without pain.

A few years had passed since parting with the heels. My husband and I had gone shopping at a local department store and I found myself browsing through the shoes. Now, I had been having several “down” days lately and this was one of those days. From a distance, I saw a pair of low heels that I really liked. As I approached, all I did was tell myself that I would never be able to wear something like those and I was never going to be healthy again. I decided however that I was going to humor myself and just try them on. Much to my surprise they were pretty comfortable and I really liked them. Soon, my husband came over and saw me putting  a pair of shoes back on the shelf with a frown on my face. He asked me what I found and I said, almost with tears in my eyes, “it doesn’t matter, cause I will never be able to wear them.” My husband then surprised me by saying, “get them.” I explained to him every reason why I shouldn’t have them but he responded with, “you need them.” And so, these shoes became my hope. I only wear them every once in awhile right now but every time I see them in my closet I get a little spark of hope that maybe one day, I can wear whatever shoes I want.




Camera Settings:

Nikon D750 on Manual Mode f/5.0, 1/80 sec, ISO 1600

Tamron 24-70mm f/2.8 lens

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