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I have briefly mentioned in previous posts that I follow a gluten free diet. I do not have Celiac disease, but I am gluten intolerant. While I do not immediately get sick if I eat something containing gluten, I do get a pretty big stomach ache, digestive pains, an occasional headache, and fatigue. I chose to avoid gluten because I feel SO MUCH BETTER without it.

While I do miss gluten filled foods such as breads, cakes, and donuts, I do not miss the symptoms. I am thankful for the foods I CAN eat and try not to dwell on the ones I cannot. These days it is not difficult to stay on a gluten free diet. Several restaurants offer many gluten free options and more and more grocery stores carry gluten free brands.

The hardest parts of a gluten free diet are holidays and family dinners. I never want to be a burden to anyone. On the flip side, a girls gotta eat. I have been blessed in that my family and friends are kind and understanding, but sometimes it can still be difficult.

For breakfast I enjoy Chex Cinnamon Cereal, Luna Chocolate Cupcake bars, and smoothies.


My absolute favorite snack is Lance peanut butter sandwich crackers. YUM!!! (not pictured because they never stick around for very long)

We don’t eat out too often, so I prepare the majority of my meals. I make a lot of naturally gluten free meals including meats and vegetables. I do occasionally also make some gluten free pasta.

When we eat out, I do have a few favorites. For pizza I like Donatos and BJ’s Restaurant. Chipotle is a great option for Mexican food (when they aren’t having an E.coli breakout) and there are several Italian restaurants offering gluten free pasta (Cheesecake Factory is probably my favorite). Jason’s deli has delicious gluten free bread and also carries Udi’s gluten free cookies for dessert. Uno’s has my favorite gluten free burger and Red Robin is a close second. Most restaurants offer several gluten free options such as meat and vegetable platters.

Life isn’t so bad being gluten free.

*Disclaimer: I was not asked or in any way compensated to mention any of the above mentioned brands or restaurants.

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