Photo Tip Tuesday: Location | Central Ohio Photography

Which location is best?

When clients book a session with me and they don’t already have an idea of a location for their photos, I offer them my location guide. Within this guide I have several suggestions of nearby locations including example photos for reference. Location is especially important for engagement sessions as it should be a reflection of the couple and their relationship. Some couples choose to do a photo shoot in a favorite date spot while others choose a local park to reflect their love for the great outdoors.

When deciding on a location, season, time of day, and weather are all important factors to keep in mind.

Some locations look best in the fall and don’t look good at all in the spring while other locations may look best in the summer. If you are booking an outdoor winter photo shoot, it is especially important to consider location. It is always a good idea to ask your photographer if they suggest a specific location for that season.

In regards to time of day, if you are wanting a sunset session for example, you would need to make sure the location has great options for west facing (from the camera’s perspective) photos and that the setting sun is actually visible at the desired location.

If inclement weather is a possibility, plan ahead and try to have an indoor backup plan (especially for weddings). Some sessions can still be done in the rain with an umbrella or by standing under a covered area. So, if you plan to have your session outdoors, regardless of weather conditions, be sure to pick a location that offers shelter.

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