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About Me

This past Saturday, I had the honor of helping coach a junior Bible quizzing team at a district tournament held in Zanesville, OH. I know what your thinking, “a what?” Bible quizzing is a ministry within our church’s organization where children, up to the age of 18, memorize a selected portion of Bible verses. They quiz on a team of 2-5 members and compete with other teams once a month at a state tournament. In June, there is a state finals tournament where teams compete to qualify for the national tournament which takes place in July.

Bible quizzing is divided into four age divisions. Children eight and under compete in the beginner division. After a child turns nine and until they turn 12, they are a junior quizzer. Next is the intermediate division, which is for ages 12-14 or first year quizzers regardless of age. The experienced division is primarily comprised of teens age 15-18.

This year the Junior quizzers (beginner & Junior divisions) are learning James & 1st and 2nd Peter. The senior quizzers (intermediate & experienced divisions) are learning Romans and James.

I have been involved in Bible quizzing for about 19 years now. First as a quizzer, then as a coach, and now as coordinator’s wife. In my opinion, Bible quizzing is one of the most important ministries available because it puts God’s word into the hearts of children and teens.


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