Photo Tip Tuesday | Dublin, OH Photographer

Today, my advice to you is to get out and take some pictures. It doesn’t matter what your subject is, it doesn’t matter how much you know about photography, and it doesn’t matter what type of camera you have. Photography, just like anything else, takes practice. So, get out your camera, dust it off, and take a few photos of what’s around you.

The weather here in Ohio is finally warming up, so next time you go on a walk around your neighborhood, take your camera with you and take some photos of whatever catches your eye. If you feel like you need something specific to take photos of, look up photography challenges or photo projects online, inspiration is all around you. The best way to get to know your camera is to use it. So go ahead, get out and get clicking.

Happy photographing!

Disclaimer: I did not take the above photograph, I found it online.

One thought on “Photo Tip Tuesday | Dublin, OH Photographer

  1. I just walked in from taking a totally random picture of outside my home. There’s just something about capturing the simplicity of every day life and the beauty of God’s creation. Life is so fast paced we miss the incredible things that are in every day life. A random picture can capture more than what first meets the eye. Good tip!

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