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I have a dream….actually, I have a lot of dreams. I have always been afraid to say my dreams out loud for fear of not meeting them and other people knowing about my failure to reach them. Dreaming has always scared me. I don’t like to get my hopes up and then be let down. Recently, however, I have had several people (whether they knew it or not) inspire me to dream big and strive to make them a reality.

First, I want to mention some non-photography related dreams and then I will go into the big scary dream that I am afraid to share. As I have already shared in a previous post, I dream of traveling, and not only to the U.S. National Parks, but also to several destinations around the world. I also dream of owning a home, starting a family with a child of my own, and even adopting a child one day.

My dreams of travel are BIG, my dreams for my home are BIG, my dreams for my future children are BIG, but my dream for photography is big AND scary. The reason why it seems so big and so scary is because it seems so out of reach. Then I realized that a lot of the things I have accomplished up to this point in my life, were once big dreams. I also know that I have a big God and if He wants me to do this, nothing will stand in the way.

One recent form of inspiration came from a famous photographer who has no idea I exist. Her name is Jasmine Star and she has been named one of the top 10 photographers in America and now teaches other entrepreneurs how to grow a successful business. She simply posted a photo of a calendar that her husband had given her. The calendar is filled with inspirational quotes and the one she photographed read, “proceed as if success is inevitable”. In other words, don’t think about the possibility of failure, just go for it!

The other piece of inspiration came from someone who actually does know I exist. Her name is Angela Woolridge and she is an amazing photographer right here in central Ohio. I was blessed to have her and her husband, Randy, photograph my wedding. She also took some glamour photographs of me (which I now use as my business profile picture) when she started her portrait business. I know it seems small, but she liked a photo of mine that I had posted on Facebook. It felt like a famous person was liking my work, I was positively bursting inside. Then, she actually messaged me and told me how good my work was. Wow! what a compliment to receive from my role model! I was at a low point at the time,  feeling like I wasn’t any good and I could never get better. She gave me a lot of really good advice and I hope to put a lot of it into action as I go for my BIG photography dream that I am stalling to tell you.

O.K., here goes……my dream is to be one of the best photographers in central Ohio. Not just a photographer in general, but specifically, I want to specialize in maternity, newborn, and baby photography. That is a tough market, my friends. I personally know of several amazing photographers in the area. I know I have a lot of learning to do. I know it will take a lot of time. I know it will require a lot of out-of-pocket money up front that I don’t currently have, and I know there will be a lot of downs before there are ups. I will probably fail a lot and I will probably be hard on myself and want to give up, but there you have it, I want to be a professional photographer who excels in her field. I am TERRIFIED!!!!!

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  1. Brittany, you are so talented at what you do. I have no doubt that you can achieve this goal! When I look at the pictures you take, you continue to amaze me with your artistry and your eye for creativity. You capture moments, and stories.
    If the last year has taught me anything it’s taught me that you never know what can happen. Some of the biggest dreams I’ve had I never considered actual possibilities. But they’ve happened! I believe your dream will come to pass! 🙂

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