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Over the next few week’s I will be posting about “photo wardrobe: the do’s & don’ts”. I will break the information up into parts by age group or type of photo session.

This week’s wardrobe tip is for newborns. While that might sound a little strange, there are absolutely some do’s and don’ts for those sweet little babies.


The trend in newborn photography is to pose the baby on a fabric background without any clothes (as pictured above) or to bundle them up in a special wrap (pictured below). I like the simplicity of these photos because it focuses just on the baby and not on what she’s wearing. However, I do understand that not all parents want their newborn to be photographed naked. We will certainly do a few of the wrapped pictures when that is the case but some parents would also like to have a few photos of their precious little addition in a cute outfit.


When selecting an outfit for your tiny little one, consider how well it fits. The best outfits are the tightest fitting ones. If you put her in an over-sized fluffy dress, she will disappear in it and suddenly we see more dress than baby.

What I recommend:

There are many websites that sell knit outfits specifically for newborn photography. They are a bit pricey but they are adorable. You will find overalls, shorts, pants, skirts and several other options along with bonnets and headbands. If you truly want to invest in good pictures of your baby in an outfit, this is the way to go.

If however, you don’t want to pay the steep price, I recommend buying a fitted outfit from a quality store. You may even want to buy preemie sized clothing if necessary. Just be sure to try the outfit on your baby before choosing it as the outfit for the photos.


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