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Last week I started a series on the do’s and don’ts of photo shoot wardrobe’s. I began the series by discussing recommendations for what a newborn should wear for his session. This week I would like to move on to babies. In this category, I would include infants up to a year old.

For baby boys I love the look of diaper only because it is so simple and makes the photo just about baby. If you want to spice it up a little I also recommend a cute little bow tie (specifically made for his age/size) or even a hat. Another simple look is a plain white onezie which again, focuses on baby instead of what he is wearing. Overalls or suspenders without a shirt is also a really cute look, especially at 6 months (when they can sit on their own) and a year (when they can possibly stand).


I also enjoy a simplistic look for girls. To achieve this, I recommend a diaper cover and a simple headband with a small bow or flower. This look is especially good for three month sessions. For an older baby (between 6 months & a year), I love tutu’s, especially with no shirt! Another option would be a cute little sundress or an outfit that is light and not too big & fluffy.

Something to keep in mind for both boys and girls, is their shoes. I personally like photos without shoes best so we can see his cute little toes. If however, you would like to include shoes, make sure they fit well and the bottoms are clean.

A special note for cake smash sessions: Bring an extra pair of clothes for baby for after the smash and even consider bringing an extra shirt for yourself. I especially recommend bare baby feet for cake smash sessions because honestly, there isn’t anything much cuter than cake smashed between baby toes.

Join me next week as I move on to toddlers and older children.

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