Photo Challenge Friday | Dublin, OH Photographer

“I” is for Island | Photo Challenge Friday | Dublin, Ohio Photographer

My photo project continues this week with the letter “I”. I wanted to take a photo of ice cream but unfortunately I already ate it all so there is none in the house. It took me a long time to come up with what I was going to photograph. I thought about ice, but that seemed pretty boring. My next idea was my internet access but that was also very boring. Finally, as I took a tour through my house, I saw this IMAGE of an ISLAND and decided it was perfect because that is where I would love to be right now.

Our trip to the U.S. Virgin Islands National Park was one of my favorite vacations up to this point. I cannot wait to go back one day. It was absolutely beautiful and extremely relaxing. Please enjoy this image of an image of an island as much as I do every time I see it.


Camera Settings:

ISO 500, 1/80 sec, f/2.8 with TTL flash

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