Photo Tip Tuesday | Dublin, OH Photographer

What To Wear for a Photo Shoot | Photo Tip Tuesday | Dublin, Ohio Photographer

This week’s wardrobe focus is on toddlers and older children. This age group doesn’t really have a lot of do’s and don’ts but it is still important to consider their outfit choice.


Something to take into consideration is what type of image you are hoping to achieve (what “look” you are going for). Part of this includes the background that will be used for the scene. If the photos have a casual setting, such as an outdoor playground or park, a casual outfit would be best. If the session takes place outside, I don’t recommend green clothing, as they are likely to blend in with their surroundings.

Another recommendation I give to my clients is to avoid busy patterns. You don’t want to distract away from the child too much, so solids or subtle patterns are best. Don’t forget about the shoes! Children are often posed sitting down and their feet are included in several of the images. Make sure your child’s shoes are clean.

Speaking of clean…don’t forget their face before the session! While boogies and food can be removed post-processing, it takes a lot of additional time and will therefore delay when you receive your gallery. Along those same lines, if your child hangs out with a friend and they get temporary tattoos or did each other’s nails the night before, please remove those before the session. Most photographers will edit out any type of “blemish” (i.s. birthmark, mole, freckles, etc.) your child may have. So, if you do not want something edited, be sure to mention it to your photographer.


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