Photo Tip Tuesday | Dublin, Ohio Photographer

Photo Tips, portrait photography, Senior pictures, Senior portraits

This week’s wardrobe tip is for senior portrait sessions.

  1. Wear something that you are comfortable in. You will be asked to sit, stand, and possibly lay in several different positions and on multiple types of surfaces.
  2. As always, consider your foot wear. Your shoes won’t be in very many photos but they may be in a few so make sure they match your outfit and that they are clean on the top and bottom.
  3. Try to avoid crazy patterns. If you would like to incorporate a pattern into your wardrobe it is best to do so in moderation. For example, a printed scarf.
  4. I don’t recommend bright or neon colors for the main pieces of your outfit but they can be used as a pop of color in a belt, a scarf, or shoes.
  5. If you have selected a package that includes a wardrobe change, I typically recommend something semi-dressy and something more casual.
  6. Consider where you are having your photos taken and the backgrounds that are likely to be in your photos.





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