About Me Monday | Dublin, Ohio Photographer

Growing up, I lived in a home in the “country” that my family built. I was used to a big yard and the privacy that comes with it. When my husband and I got married we moved into a tiny one bedroom apartment in Gahanna, Ohio and now we live in a two bedroom apartment in Dublin, Ohio. Today, I want to talk about the pros and cons of apartment living from my point of view.



  • Maintenance-free living. If our dish washer, washing machine, furnace, or anything else stops working, we don’t have to worry about a surprise expense. We just call our maintenance man and he comes and fixes it.
  • No yard work. My husband especially appreciates this one as he is not a fan of mowing the grass.


  • Not much privacy. If we were to open our windows, everyone could easily see right in from the parking lot.
  • Noisy. We can hear everything our neighbors do. Unfortunately, the people who live above us can be quite loud when we are trying to relax or get something done. Did I mention they have a treadmill?
  • No freedom. By this I mean that we can’t update our counters or replace the carpet with hardwoods. Apartment living means a limit on our ability to customize our space.

While these lists could go on, I will spare you. All I can say is, I am ready to own a home.


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