Happy Birthday | Dublin, Ohio Photographer

Happy Birthday Jay! | Dublin, Ohio Photographer

Today is my amazing husband’s 28th birthday. I would like to take this occasion as an opportunity to write about just how great he is.


Jay is the most selfless person I have ever met and that absolutely carries over into our marriage. He always puts my needs before his own, and does so much to help me. After working long days, he comes homes and makes or heats up (if I had made it earlier that morning) dinner because he gets off work about an hour before me. He also accompanies me on photo shoots and does whatever I ask of him and so much more. He has dedicated so many hours of his time to help me follow my dreams.

Joyful Moments Photography is well on it’s way to be coming an LLC in Ohio and none of this would be happening without Jay. He did all of the research and hard work and he is the one who pushed me to follow after my dream.

So, a very Happy Birthday to my wonderful loving husband!

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