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Photo Worthy Life Events | Photo Tip Tuesday | Dublin, Ohio Photographer

What milestones in life absolutely require photographs? What are some other life events that should also have pictures? I will be answering these questions in the next two “Photo Tip Tuesday” blog posts.

So, for today’s post, I will discuss the first question: What milestones in life absolutely require photographs?

In no specific order:

  • Your wedding. This is an event that hopefully only happens once in your life and it is a day you will want to remember for many years to come. People will soon forget how you decorated, what your cake looked like and how it tasted, the details of your gown, and the colors you chose. However, a photograph is forever. JMP_2630
  • Your newborn baby. The main reason this is a must have photo moment isn’t just because it is a major life event and it’s not even just because they are so cute. A new baby grows so fast and you will quickly forget just how small they were when they were born. By the time I deliver your newborn gallery just a few short weeks after the session, your new addition will already have grown so much. JMP_6937
  • Senior Portraits. Graduation from High School is a huge accomplishment and photos are a great way to celebrate this milestone. JMP_1329

These are just three of what I consider to be some of the most important milestones in life that absolutely need photographs. There are of course more, and I will discuss a few of those in next week’s post.


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