About Me Monday | Dublin, Ohio Photographer

Becoming a photographer in Dublin, Ohio | About Me Monday | Dublin, Ohio Photographer

Even as a young child I dreamed of becoming a photographer. I never thought it would actually happen, though…sometimes I still can’t believe it. On February 21, 2015 I started this blog and called myself a photography hobbyist. The pictures I took were of friends, family and my personal life. I loved it, but I wanted it to be more than a hobby.

Soon after that, I officially started Joyful Moments Photography (JMP) through my church, The First Apostolic Church of Dublin. I accepted donations for photo sessions and the proceeds went to Tupelo Children’s Mansion, an orphanage and foster care center in Tupelo, Mississippi.

Next, I began asking for specific amounts for different sessions, as more people began reaching out to Joyful Moments for their photography needs. Last fall, I updated all of my equipment to professional gear and took on more sessions than I ever thought possible.


This winter, my husband and I started seriously discussing the idea of making JMP an official business, so I could devote myself to it full-time. On May 20, 2016, our legal services provider informed us that we had been approved as an official business in the state of Ohio! I could not have been more excited in that moment. My dreams were a reality. We still have a lot of work ahead of us but I couldn’t be more thrilled to embark on this new journey as a business owner.


Joyful Moments Photography still supports and will always continue to support Tupelo Children’s Mansion through the generosity of it’s wonderful clients. Thank you so much for your support through every stage of this dream.


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