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Photo Editing | Photo Tip Tuesday | Dublin, Ohio Photographer

Today’s post is more informational than a photo tip, but I would like to discuss what goes on during the editing process.

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From a glance, it may seem as simple as grabbing the photos off of the SD card, downloading them onto the computer, and sending them your way. However, the editing process can take several hours, depending on the session length.

Here is a “behind-the-scenes” look at the process I go through, from camera to client:

  1. Sorting: I take anywhere from 100-300 photos in a typical photo session and over 1,000 at a wedding, so the first thing I do in the editing process is sort through the photos and decide which pictures to keep.
  2. Exposure adjustment: Next, I fix any exposure problems on the image. Certain parts of the picture may be too dark or too light or sometimes the whole photo needs an adjustment.
  3. Color adjustment: After the lighting has been corrected, I work on the coloring of the image. Depending on where the photo session took place, there might be a color cast on the images. Photos taken inside (without studio lighting), say at a church for a wedding, often have an orange cast to them. If photos are taken outside in the shade, they may look a little blue. I try to minimize color-casts with a few steps before the photo shoot to maximize the color quality of the image.
  4. Finishing touches: Once I have narrowed down the photos, corrected the exposure, and adjusted for any color casts, I crop the photos if needed and do a few additional tweaks to the image like softening faces or removing blemishes.
  5. Delivery: After the images look their best, I export them from Adobe Lightroom (my editing program), add a watermark (if being published), upload them to Pixieset (my online gallery platform), and send them to you via link in an email.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the editing process. As always, thank you for letting me capture your joyful moments!

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