About Me Monday | Dublin, Ohio Photographer

July 4th | About Me Monday | Dublin, Ohio Photographer

In honor of today being Independence day, I will share a little about the wonderful day Jay asked me to marry him. On July 4, 2011 we went on a picnic at the Park of Roses in Columbus, Ohio. We enjoyed our lunches together and chatted for a few minutes. When I started to get up to leave Jay stopped me and said, “wait, there’s one more thing” as he dug through the picnic basket (Let me just say that him proposing was the last thing on my mind). I thought we were waiting until after he graduated (which was still 3 years away) to get married, so I was not expecting what came next at all. Before I even knew what was happening, he was kneeling in front of me reciting a poem. “Roses are red, I’m down on one knee, Brittany Yokum, will you marry me?” I put my face in my hands as a few tears rolled down my cheek, then looked up and said, “Claro que si” (yes, of course).


On the car ride from the park, Jay told me that he already picked a date (based on his limited optometry college schedule), August 11th, 2012. I couldn’t believe it. I was going to marry my best friend in 13 months. We quickly told his mom and my parents in person and then started all the phone calls. Today marks 5 years since he asked me to forever be his wife. I am so glad I said “yes”.

*The above photo was taken when we went to my parent’s house to tell them that we were engaged.

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