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Weddings | About Me Monday | Dublin, Ohio Photographer

Why does the photographer come to the rehearsal? What does a wedding day look like from a photographer’s point of view? These are the two questions I hope to answer in today’s blog post.

Rehearsal: The main purpose for a photographer attending a rehearsal is to get a feel for the order of the ceremony. Another reason is to become familiar with the venue and lighting. Not every wedding ceremony is the same and it is important for a photographer to know about all of the crucial moments in order to capture them for the happy couple. Every venue is different and the more the photographer knows ahead of time, the more she or he can prepare. I always like to scope out good places for photos such as the first look, dress details shots, or even the wedding party photos. It is also important for the photographer to know the direction, color, and intensity of the light during the ceremony in order to get the best possible photographs. I would much rather gather this information ahead of time than be surprised on the big day. 


Wedding day: I ask all of my clients to give me a detailed schedule of their wedding day. If there is no schedule, there will be a lot of people with no idea when they are supposed to be where. That means missing groomsmen, half-ready bridesmaids, possibly a late starting wedding, and rushed and less than ideal photographs. It is my job on a wedding day to keep people as close to that schedule as possible. I tend to be the person in the room who has been involved in the most weddings which means I am also sometimes the only person who knows which side the boutonniere goes on, the typical order of the ceremony, and how the bride & groom are to properly cut the wedding cake. Essentially, I am there to be alert, on time, and catch every moment, every detail, and every emotion. Weddings are challenging, exhausting, exciting, and full of wonderful moments. I love capturing this important milestone in a couple’s life because it means I am freezing time and allowing this moment to be remembered for generations to come. I do not take my job lightly, because to me, photographs are the most important part of any event or milestone.


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