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Tupelo Children’s Mansion Visit | About Me Monday | Dublin Ohio Photographer

Two weeks ago, my dream came true and I finally had the opportunity to visit Tupelo Children’s Mansion in Tupelo, Mississippi. My husband and I drove there after an event outside Nashville, Tennessee in early August.

When Joyful Moments Photography first began, it existed as a non-profit organization through my local church and all the proceeds benefited Tupelo Children’s Mansion. Now that we are an officially licensed business in Ohio, a portion of the proceeds still go toward this amazing cause. Since 2015, the clients of Joyful Moments Photography have helped raise thousands of dollars for the children of Tupelo Children’s Mansion.

During our visit, we toured the 40+ acre grounds, the beautiful facilities, the spacious girls and boys homes, and saw their goals for future renovations. Some highlights of the trip included speaking with Stephen (president/CEO) and Erma (executive director) Judd, getting to know the wonderful staff, as well as meeting the young girl we sponsor!

Tupelo Children’s Mansion has had a place in our hearts for many years. It was a dream come true to visit this wonderful source of hope for dozens of children.


To learn more about Tupelo Children’s Mansion, or to become a sponsor, click here.



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