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Newborn Photography | About Me Monday | Dublin Ohio Photographer

Please note: This “About Me Monday” post comes with a giveaway announcement at the end.

Recently, I purchased the Kelly Brown Newborn Boot Camp from Creative Live. I enjoyed watching it while we traveled to the North American Bible Quizzing Tournament in Tennessee at the beginning of August. I learned so much from this boot camp and cannot wait for the opportunity to watch the rest of the videos and apply everything I’ve learned.

That being said, it is now time for the giveaway portion of this blog post. Because I want the opportunity to put into use some of the new things I’ve learned, I am offering a FREE newborn session at my in-home studio in Dublin, Ohio. That is a $200 value!!!

That’s correct, you read that right, I am giving away a free baby photo session to one lucky momma-to-be. Please continue reading to get all the details and to learn how to enter.


I will be posting a flyer about the giveaway on Facebook.

Step one: When you see the Facebook flyer, tag a mommy-to-be in the comments section. That will give HER one entry into the contest (contestants MUST be nominated, they cannot tag themselves). Not only will tagging someone give HER the opportunity to win a session, but it will also give YOU a $20 referral credit if she wins the giveaway.

Step two: When the mommy-to-be is tagged, if she “likes” the Joyful Moments Photography Facebook page, she will receive another entry.

Step three: The mommy-to-be will earn a third entry if she replies to the tag with the comment, “I want to win.”

*Contestants can be nominated until August 31, 2016. The winner will be announced in the first week of September.

*Baby must be due by the end of the year 2016

*Previously scheduled sessions are not eligible to win

*No images are included with the free session. Images are purchased separately: see pricing for more details.


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