Getting to know Joyful Moments Photography | Galloway Ohio Photographer

Getting to know Joyful Moments Photography | Galloway Ohio Photographer

Who Am I?

Hello, my name is Brittany Lytle. I am a 27 year old female, married to my best friend, and expecting my first child. Our son, Josiah James, is due in September 2017. I received my bachelors degree in science from The Ohio State University in 2012 and became a licensed and certified CT Technologist. I was employed at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center from 2012-2015 before I made the transition to Ohio Health’s Dublin Methodist Hospital where  I am currently employed. Oh, and I am a photographer and the owner of Joyful Moments Photography, LLC.

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What is Joyful Moments Photography?

Joyful Moments Photography is an LLC based in Galloway Ohio. It became an official business in May of 2016 but originally began in January of 2015. We specialize in maternity, newborn, and baby portraits. Our in-home studio is located in Galloway, Ohio and we also schedule outdoor sessions at parks throughout the central Ohio area.


What makes Joyful Moments Photography different?

I take a minimalist approach when photographing my clients. I prefer to make the photo more about the baby or child than the background or prop. While I certainly use props, I don’t like to over-do it with a lot of distracting, elaborate set-ups. I love simple, pure images that capture this very moment in your child’s life before it is gone.


I believe in making the final image look as much as possible like the real scene that unfolds before me. While I do edit my photographs, I do not add filters and presets to my images. I don’t simply copy and paste an edit from a previous session, or apply a preset that someone else created for a photo they took. I create customized edits for each and every picture I take of your sweet newborn, toddler, or family.


Currently, 10% of the proceeds from Joyful Moments Photography are donated to Tupelo Children’s Mansion, an orphanage and foster care center in Tupelo, Mississippi. I say, “currently” because one day I hope that percentage will be much higher. This business was created for the sole purpose of spreading joy: for each client and for the children of Tupelo Children’s Mansion. Joyful Moments Photography started as a small non-profit organization functioning through The First Apostolic Church of Dublin and it grew so much in the first year that we took the steps to become an official business. LLC or not, this business will always be centered around creating lasting memories, beautiful images, and making a difference in the lives of those it serves.

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