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On Friday, September 8, 2017, the contractions began. By the time Jay arrived home from work, they were only about two minutes apart and lasted for about 45 seconds. At that point, we decided to go ahead and make our way to the hospital.

When we arrived, I had not progressed far enough so they instructed me to walk around the hospital. After several trips around the inside and outside of the hospital, and a few episodes of getting sick, it was finally time to be re-evaluated. Unfortunately, I had not progressed any further during that hour. However, my blood pressure was very high so the doctor on call decided to go ahead and admit me and speed up labor by introducing Pitocin. By the time I reached the delivery room and they officially admitted me, I had progressed enough on my own that they decided I wouldn’t end up needing the Pitocin after all. About one and a half hours and four attempts, I finally had an IV. Once I received enough fluid, they eventually started my epidural. I rested for about an hour and a half after that before the nurse checked me again and asked if I was ready to push. After the first push the nurse called the doctor and told her she needed to get there right away. Approximately nine minutes and four pushes later, Josiah James Lytle was born at 3:41 am on September 9, 2017. He weighed 7 lbs 15 oz and measured 20 inches long. The hospital staff was wonderful and overall I had an excellent birth experience.

Thank you to everyone for your prayers and support, and to all my wonderful clients who have been so understanding during my maternity leave. I am looking forward to the rest of 2017 and can’t wait for some new photo opportunities in 2018.





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