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Cake smash sessions are always a treat

I love cake smash photo sessions! They are always such a blast! You just never know what each baby is going to do. Some babies start by simply observing the cake, while others dig right in. There are the dip-one-finger-in-the-icing babies and then there are the grab-a-huge-handful-and-smash-it-all-over-my-face-babies.

Cake smash pictures Columbus Ohio photographer

Not every baby LOVES the cake

The majority of the little ones I have photographed enjoy their cake. However, there have been a few who had a melt down the second the icing touched them. I like to ask parents ahead of time if their child has ever had cake before. If the answer is no, I suggest they introduce it to the baby before the session. I have found that children who have experienced the same level of sweetness previously, tend to do much better during the session than the babies who have never had a sugary treat. Of course, I always leave it up to mom and dad.

Cake smash pictures Columbus Ohio photographer

Session theme

When a parent emails me to set up a cake smash session, I always ask what theme or color scheme they have in mind. Most parents choose to incorporate the same theme that they are planning for the party. This works out really. They typically bring the decorations they have already purchased for the party.

1st birthday pictures Columbus Ohio photographer

The cake

In most cases, I provide the cake (for a nominal fee). That way, parents don’t have to worry about the cake on the day of the session. No trying to juggle it along with the baby and everything else. If however, the parents wish to bring their own cake to the session, that is o.k. with me too. While most babies don’t have any problems with cake, a child’s safety is ALWAYS my #1 priority during a session. If a parent has any concern AT ALL that their baby might have a reaction to a certain ingredient in the cake (i.e. gluten, dairy, etc.) I always suggest they provide an “allergy free” cake.

Cake smash pictures Columbus Ohio photographer

Featured session: Serenity Turns One

For this session, Serenity’s mom chose a winter ONE-derland theme to match her 1st birthday party. The colors she selected were pink, white, and silver. So, I asked my cake lady to make a two-layered, pink smash cake with white snowflakes and a glittery “1” topper. It matched the theme and color scheme perfectly and mom LOVED it. I also purchased some silver glitter snowflakes to add to the backdrop, and a few fake snowballs to incorporate the winter theme. Serenity enjoyed eating her cake, and I enjoyed sharing this special milestone with such a wonderful family.

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Cake smash pictures Columbus Ohio photographer




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