Motherhood: The Daily Grind

First of all, can I just say that being a mom is HARD WORK!!! Can I get an AMEN from the mom crowd?!?!


The moment I became a mom, life forever changed. I was used to being a part time CT technologist at a local hospital and running a photography business. I was NOT used to being home all day, every day, doing the same things, all day, every day. I’m talking about the daily grind of motherhood. Specifically, a stay at home mom (sahm). Being a sahm has taken a lot of getting used to… and I’m still not 100% there.

Anyone else feel this way??? or is it just me? please tell me it’s not just me…

Anyway, while I absolutely ADORE my little guy, staying home with him (especially in the winter) at this age where he doesn’t really do a whole lot, can become quite… what’s the word… boring. Yes, I said it, being a sahm can be a little boring at times. Why is this? is it because I don’t have anything to do? CERTAINLY NOT!!! I have a business to-do list the size of Texas. O.k., that might be a slight exaggeration but it is three pages long, so close enough. So how can I be so busy yet so bored at the same time?

Here is a look into my typical day:

  • pump
  • get Josiah up & change him
  • feed Josiah solids and a bottle
  • lay Josiah down to play
  • wash bottles and spoons
  • flip Josiah from belly to back because he can’t do it himself and is screaming his head off
  • fill a few bottles with milk to have them ready for later
  • clean up spit up on Josiah’s hands, face, and toy
  • change Josiah’s clothes and bib again because they are now covered in sweet potatoes
  • put Josiah in exersaucer
  • eat some breakfast in peace… hahahahahaha… in peace… that’s funny
  • clean off Josiah’s hands, face, and toy because he spit up again
  • put Josiah in his play yard
  • empty the diaper pail
  • flip Josiah over because once again he is on his belly with his face covered in orange spit up and can’t roll over
  • clean and change Josiah… again
  • Finally put Josiah back down for a nap

phew… I get some me time to relax and enjoy my day… you know what I’m going to say… hahahahahahaha!

This is how it feels: pump, wash bottles, clean spit up, flip baby over, entertain baby, fill bottles, change baby, do laundry, take out the trash, repeat. In other words, I do the same things over and over and over and over… you get the idea.


when I look up a see this face      Columbus-Ohio-baby-photographer    it is COMPLETELY worth it!

Remember moms, you are not the only one who feels this way, and it’s o.k. to feel a little bored and overwhelmed sometimes.

well, gotta go… mom duty calls… my son woke up and he’s on his belly.

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