Newborn Session Guide


Preparing for Your Session

What to do: To help ensure a very sleepy little model during the session, do your best to keep your little one awake for one hour prior to your scheduled time. We also want to make sure your baby is nice and full so try feeding your little one right before you leave your home. Please dress your baby in loose clothing that zips or buttons up the front and avoid anything that will go over baby’s head.

What to bring: If your baby is feeding from a bottle, please be sure to bring extra bottles and formula/milk. If your little one takes a pacifier, please bring one with you for soothing. Water will be provided to you during the session but feel free to bring your own drink and/or snacks as well. You are also welcome to bring anything special you would like your baby to be photographed with/on. *disclaimer: Your photographer has received extensive newborn safety training. If she feels the prop you have provided is not safe, it will not be used during the session.

What to wear: If you are including parent/sibling pictures in your session, I recommend solid neutral colors such as white, grey, tan, or cream. Avoid patterns and graphics if possible. If you will not be in the photographs, I recommend wearing something light weight or dressing in layers as the studio is kept very warm.


During the Session

Full newborn sessions last approximately 2-3 hours depending on how sleepy your baby is. The studio is kept very warm during the session to help baby feel more comfortable.

If you have chosen to include parent and/or sibling pictures, they will take place first. Once these photos are complete, I recommend that someone takes the older sibling home or out for a fun activity while I finish up with the newborn. We also have a playground nearby (weather permitting). If the older sibling will be staying with us for the session, I recommend plenty of snacks, drinks, and toys/entertainment.


**Following this guide will increase the likelihood of a successful session. Please remember, though, that babies have a mind of their own. Sometimes, as much as you try to create the perfect sleeping condition, your beautiful little bundle may have other ideas. If your baby is unhappy or won’t sleep, please do not worry; I will still be able to capture beautiful pictures for you to cherish for a lifetime.**