18-Weeks Pregnant | Galloway Ohio Photographer

Baby Bump | 18-Weeks Pregnant | Galloway Ohio Photographer

Last Thursday, April 13th 2017, I hit the 18-week mark in my first pregnancy. My little man finally decided to make his presence known and now mommy is starting to show. I currently have just a little baby bump because Josiah is only about the size of an artichoke. He is about 5 1/2 inches long and ways approximately 6.7 ounces. We get to see him again in a little over a week for his anatomy ultrasound. I can’t wait!



My 1st Trimester | Galloway Ohio Photographer

My 1st Trimester | Galloway Ohio Photographer

On Friday, January 6th, around 3:15 pm, I found out that we were expecting our first child. When my husband, Jay, arrived at home about an hour later, I told him the good news. He was just as excited as I was.

The first sign of pregnancy symptoms began when I was about 5 1/2 weeks along, with nausea and fatigue. As the first trimester progressed, the nausea grew worse and I got a sick a few times. I had an awful taste in my mouth 24/7 and I always seemed tired.

At around 8 weeks, I had my OB coordinators appointment where the nurse practitioner discussed the do’s and dont’s of pregnancy.  At that time, she also gave me an estimated due date of September 14th. At 9 weeks, I had my first ultrasound where the tech confirmed the due date of September 14th. We also got to hear the heartbeat for the very first time. Our baby had a strong healthy heartbeat of 156 bmp. At the 10 week mark, I took a genetic blood test. February 24th was my first doctor’s appointment where we once again heard our little peanut’s heartbeat. On Monday, February 27th we closed on our new house and made the move. Then, on March 12th we hosted a gender reveal party for our family and friends to announce the gender of our baby. It’s a boy!

The 2nd trimester started off with a bang. I came down with some sort of a stomach virus all while my husband was passing a kidney stone and we were travelling to NYC for a work-related trip. I was finally feeling better and we had a few good days in NYC. When we arrived home, my allergies flared up really bad and I couldn’t breathe through my nose for several days. My allergies are finally under control and mild heartburn has begun. My belly bump is starting to show, which makes finding the right clothes a little more difficult, but we are thankful for our little blessing and can’t wait until September.


All Moved In | Galloway Ohio Photographer

Joyful Moments Photography Has Officially Moved To Galloway Ohio

Last Monday, February 27th, we signed our life away and officially moved into our new home in Galloway Ohio. The first session in the new studio was a newborn session and it took place on Thursday March 2nd followed by another newborn session on Saturday March 4th. We are so excited about this new phase in our life and we can’t wait to bring our little one home in September.



Our House | Dublin Ohio Photographer – Galloway Ohio Photographer

A lot is happening over at our construction site. The lights are all in installed and the electricity it turned on. They also painted the walls and added molding below the windows and around the floors. As you can see from the 2nd photo below, our cabinets were also installed. It is starting to feel even more like a house!

When we visited last Thursday they were starting on the siding but when we stopped by again on Sunday, we realized it was the wrong siding. No worries though, they are getting it all fixed up and taken care of. We are still on track to move in at the end of February.



About Me Monday | Dublin Ohio Photographer

Newborn Photography | About Me Monday | Dublin Ohio Photographer

Please note: This “About Me Monday” post comes with a giveaway announcement at the end.

Recently, I purchased the Kelly Brown Newborn Boot Camp from Creative Live. I enjoyed watching it while we traveled to the North American Bible Quizzing Tournament in Tennessee at the beginning of August. I learned so much from this boot camp and cannot wait for the opportunity to watch the rest of the videos and apply everything I’ve learned.

That being said, it is now time for the giveaway portion of this blog post. Because I want the opportunity to put into use some of the new things I’ve learned, I am offering a FREE newborn session at my in-home studio in Dublin, Ohio. That is a $200 value!!!

That’s correct, you read that right, I am giving away a free baby photo session to one lucky momma-to-be. Please continue reading to get all the details and to learn how to enter.


I will be posting a flyer about the giveaway on Facebook.

Step one: When you see the Facebook flyer, tag a mommy-to-be in the comments section. That will give HER one entry into the contest (contestants MUST be nominated, they cannot tag themselves). Not only will tagging someone give HER the opportunity to win a session, but it will also give YOU a $20 referral credit if she wins the giveaway.

Step two: When the mommy-to-be is tagged, if she “likes” the Joyful Moments Photography Facebook page, she will receive another entry.

Step three: The mommy-to-be will earn a third entry if she replies to the tag with the comment, “I want to win.”

*Contestants can be nominated until August 31, 2016. The winner will be announced in the first week of September.

*Baby must be due by the end of the year 2016

*Previously scheduled sessions are not eligible to win

*No images are included with the free session. Images are purchased separately: see pricing for more details.


About Me Monday | Dublin Ohio Photographer

Tupelo Children’s Mansion Visit | About Me Monday | Dublin Ohio Photographer

Two weeks ago, my dream came true and I finally had the opportunity to visit Tupelo Children’s Mansion in Tupelo, Mississippi. My husband and I drove there after an event outside Nashville, Tennessee in early August.

When Joyful Moments Photography first began, it existed as a non-profit organization through my local church and all the proceeds benefited Tupelo Children’s Mansion. Now that we are an officially licensed business in Ohio, a portion of the proceeds still go toward this amazing cause. Since 2015, the clients of Joyful Moments Photography have helped raise thousands of dollars for the children of Tupelo Children’s Mansion.

During our visit, we toured the 40+ acre grounds, the beautiful facilities, the spacious girls and boys homes, and saw their goals for future renovations. Some highlights of the trip included speaking with Stephen (president/CEO) and Erma (executive director) Judd, getting to know the wonderful staff, as well as meeting the young girl we sponsor!

Tupelo Children’s Mansion has had a place in our hearts for many years. It was a dream come true to visit this wonderful source of hope for dozens of children.


To learn more about Tupelo Children’s Mansion, or to become a sponsor, click here.


About Me Monday | Dublin Ohio Photographer

Anniversary | About Me Monday | Dublin Ohio Photographer

This Thursday, August 11, 2016 my husband and I will celebrate four years of marriage. We were married after dating for 7 1/2 years. Each year, we have a tradition of taking anniversary photos. My dad took the photos for the first, second, and fourth years with my camera and I edited them (you can see the improvements in my editing throughout the years). The third year photos were taken by Teresa Gellenbeck of LeenaBee Photography. Below I have included a photo from our wedding and one from each anniversary session. I am looking forward to many more years with the love of my life.

About Me Monday | Dublin Ohio Photographer

Health Plan | About Me Monday | Dublin Ohio Photographer

One week ago this past Friday, the photo challenge letter was “W” and I took a photo of my dust coated weights. Interestingly enough, that next day, my husband decided it was time for a new health plan. He has a family history of some not so great health conditions and figured it would be wise to create a preventative health plan. He made a list of the foods he needs to eat more of as well as the foods he should try to avoid. Along with changing a few eating habit, he also came up with an exercise schedule. We are currently out of town for the North American Bible Quiz Tournament and have not stuck to the new plan exactly, but we have made progress and hope to continue taking strides to improve our health.

About Me Monday | Dublin Ohio Photographer

Alaska | About Me Monday | Dublin Ohio Photographer

On July 2, 2016, we stepped off the plane in Anchorage, Alaska for a week-long adventure in several of the US national parks. This trip was the culmination of about four years of planning, so it was almost surreal when we finally landed for our journey in the Last Frontier.

On Sunday, July 3, we drove the Seward Highway, which is considered one of the most scenic drives in America. Upon our arrival in Seward we boarded a ship that took us to see the wildlife and glaciers of Kenai Fjords National Park. The glacier was absolutely beautiful and I never imagined we would see that much wildlife. We saw sea lions sunbathing and otters riding the waves. We laughed as puffins took off from the water and stared in amazement as we watched a whale breach. After a beautiful day at sea, we made the scenic drive back to Anchorage.

On Monday, July 4, we enjoyed the Independence Day parade and festivities in Anchorage before driving north to Denali. We stayed in Denali for three days and had a great time hiking and seeing more wildlife. While on a shuttle bus tour, we saw caribou, wolves, moose, dall sheep, and grizzly bears. While walking on a trail we came very close to a moose and her two calves as well as a beaver building his dam.


After Denali, we drove north once again to Fairbanks where we spent the night and caught a plane the next day to Bettles. While in the small town of Bettles, we took a float plane flight tour into Kobuk Valley National Park (pictured above) and Gates of the Arctic National Park. While in the air and on land, we saw some of the most beautiful landscapes. We even saw a black bear from the plane.

Our trip finally ended after 14 plane rides in eight days. On July 10th, we landed back in Port Columbus International Airport. We still have a lot of photo editing to do, we took over 1,000 photos throughout the trip. I hope to do another post again soon with all of our top photos but I at least wanted to talk a little bit about the adventure this week.