Fall Mini Sessions | Columbus Ohio Photographer

Fall Mini Sessions 2017 | Columbus Ohio Photographer

My husband and I are happy to announce that our son, Josiah James, was born at 3:41 am on Saturday September 9th. Due to his early arrival and my quick recovery, I am able to schedule some fall mini sessions this year after all. Sessions will be held on Sunday evening October 15th and Saturday evening October 21st at Prairie Oaks Metro Park. The cost is $125 for 8-10 digital images and a 20 minute session. Email joyfulmomentsphotos@gmail.com to book your session before they are gone!





Children’s Photography | Dublin Ohio Photographer

Birthday Pictures | Children’s Photography | Dublin Ohio Photographer

I was so blessed to meet Sophia and her family on her 3rd birthday. She was a little shy at first, like most young children, but once she warmed up to us she was full of smiles. Sophia’s birthday photo session took place at Red Trabue Nature Preserve in Dublin, Ohio.








Senior Portraits | Galloway Ohio Photographer

Senior Portraits | Galloway Ohio Photographer

The summer before your senior year of high school is the best time for senior portraits. This year, I am offering an amazing deal for senior portrait sessions scheduled for June and July 2017. Availability is limited so you will want to email joyfulmomentsphotos@gmail.com to schedule your session as soon as possible. Spots will fill up fast! When you schedule your senior portrait session any time in June or July of 2017, you will receive 50% off your digital portrait package.

Senior Special

Newborn Pictures | Dublin Ohio Photographer

Sweet Baby Girl | Newborn Pictures | Dublin Ohio Photographer

This beautiful little girl’s newborn photo session took place at my in-home studio in Dublin Ohio. Mom brought lots of adorable little outfits and props for her princess, which I am always happy to include in the pictures. I believe that a session is always about whatever you, as my client, want.








1st Birthday Pictures | Dublin Ohio Photographer

Cake Smash Session | 1st Birthday Pictures | Dublin Ohio Photographer

I love 1st Birthday and cake smash sessions! They are so much fun! A 1st birthday session always starts with portraits of the birthday boy or girl in an outfit of mom’s choosing. These sessions can take place outside or at my in-home studio in Dublin, Ohio. Parents are welcome to bring any decor to match the theme or color scheme they have chosen. Many moms decide to bring a banner that will be used at the birthday party. If requested, I can also provide decorations for the session. I also provide props such as stools, chairs, or crates for the baby to sit on/in.



When a cake smash session is selected, I provide the cake from a professional bakery in the area for an extra fee. The cake is designed with the theme/color scheme in mind. Often times, mom decides to change the baby into a different outfit for this portion of the photo session. While baby is being changed, I take a few photos of the cake and decor on its own before it is completely destroyed.


Then the fun begins. I have the parents sit the child down right behind the cake and then we wait, watch, and photograph whatever the child decides to do next. If a child happens to not be very interested in the delicious cake sitting right in front of them, a parent can help by offering the child a bit of the icing or cake to taste. Typically, the child realizes how yummy and sweet it is and will no longer need assistance at this point. There is however the possibility that the baby does not like to get dirty or simply has had enough. When this is the case, some parents choose to dirty the baby up a bit with icing on the nose and hands. I always leave it up to the parents to decide when their child has had enough sugar or when there child has just had enough of the session. Every session I do is always baby led and I never force a child to do anything he or she is not comfortable with.




Happy Valentine’s Day | Dublin Ohio Photographer

Happy Valentine’s Day | Dublin Ohio Photographer

We don’t usually do a blog post for a holiday such as Valentine’s day, but this year, we made an exception. The reason for this post is to let friends, family, and clients know that Joyful Moments Photography will be adding a new member to it’s team later this year. We are very excited to announce that for the first time ever, Joyful Moments Photography will have a live model! That’s right, the owner and photographer, Brittany Lytle, and her husband, Jay Lytle, will be welcoming a baby into the world in September.

Everything is measuring perfectly on schedule and the little Lytle has a strong heartbeat. Mommy is 10 weeks along and baby’s due date is September 14th 2017.






Image result for heart

Our little valentine coming September 2017


Our House | Dublin Ohio Photographer – Galloway Ohio Photographer

A lot is happening over at our construction site. The lights are all in installed and the electricity it turned on. They also painted the walls and added molding below the windows and around the floors. As you can see from the 2nd photo below, our cabinets were also installed. It is starting to feel even more like a house!

When we visited last Thursday they were starting on the siding but when we stopped by again on Sunday, we realized it was the wrong siding. No worries though, they are getting it all fixed up and taken care of. We are still on track to move in at the end of February.