Our Newborn Pictures | Columbus Ohio Photographer

Josiah James | Our Newborn Pictures | Columbus Ohio Photographer

During the second week of my son’s life, he hit a growth spurt that caused him to want to eat almost constantly. Due to his desire to eat every time I got near him and because of my own recovery, I was unfortunately unable to photograph my own son’s newborn pictures. Thankfully, I was able to find a local photographer with an opening. Christa of Gable Photography was kind enough to squeeze us in for a last minute newborn session. Here are a few of my favorite images from his session.










Baby Pictures |Columbus Ohio Newborn Photographer

Baby Pictures | Newborn Photography | Columbus Ohio Newborn Photographer

I originally met this family for some family pictures earlier this spring and I was delighted to find out mom was expecting. I was so excited when I received an email from her a few months later asking if I could get them in for a newborn session.  Baby Owen was such a dream to work with and I hope to photograph this beautiful family again in the future.









My 1st Trimester | Galloway Ohio Photographer

My 1st Trimester | Galloway Ohio Photographer

On Friday, January 6th, around 3:15 pm, I found out that we were expecting our first child. When my husband, Jay, arrived at home about an hour later, I told him the good news. He was just as excited as I was.

The first sign of pregnancy symptoms began when I was about 5 1/2 weeks along, with nausea and fatigue. As the first trimester progressed, the nausea grew worse and I got a sick a few times. I had an awful taste in my mouth 24/7 and I always seemed tired.

At around 8 weeks, I had my OB coordinators appointment where the nurse practitioner discussed the do’s and dont’s of pregnancy.  At that time, she also gave me an estimated due date of September 14th. At 9 weeks, I had my first ultrasound where the tech confirmed the due date of September 14th. We also got to hear the heartbeat for the very first time. Our baby had a strong healthy heartbeat of 156 bmp. At the 10 week mark, I took a genetic blood test. February 24th was my first doctor’s appointment where we once again heard our little peanut’s heartbeat. On Monday, February 27th we closed on our new house and made the move. Then, on March 12th we hosted a gender reveal party for our family and friends to announce the gender of our baby. It’s a boy!

The 2nd trimester started off with a bang. I came down with some sort of a stomach virus all while my husband was passing a kidney stone and we were travelling to NYC for a work-related trip. I was finally feeling better and we had a few good days in NYC. When we arrived home, my allergies flared up really bad and I couldn’t breathe through my nose for several days. My allergies are finally under control and mild heartburn has begun. My belly bump is starting to show, which makes finding the right clothes a little more difficult, but we are thankful for our little blessing and can’t wait until September.