Baby Products We Love | Columbus Ohio Photographer

Baby Products We Love | Columbus Ohio Photographer

Before our son was born, I asked moms on Facebook to tell me what their must-have baby items were. Now, we have created our own list of baby items we love.


Josiah loves looking at his teddy bears swing back and forth while he is in his glider


Graco Glider Elite 2-in-1 Gliding Baby Swing


Josiah sleeps best when swaddled up. We love the convenience of the zip up swaddle.


SwaddleMe Pod Swaddle Wrap


We have a messy eater and these Tommee Tippee Bibs are by far the best. They fit better than most, they cover more, and they have an extra thick dribble catcher around the chin. We also love all of our other Tommee Tippee products.


Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Milk Feeding Bib


Josiah loves his white noise machine to help him sleep. We love that it is battery operated and portable.


Homedics Sound Spa Mybaby White Noise Machine


This wipes container has plenty of room for an entire pack of wipes. The weighted top plate makes it easy to quickly grab just one wipe at a time.


Ubbi Baby Wipes Dispenser with Weighted Plate


This diaper pail is made of steel, does not require any special bags, and traps odors really well.


Bubula™ Jr. Steel Diaper Pail


We love these sleepers with inverted zipppers that make it really easy to change his diaper quickly.


Cloud Island Sleep N’ Play Pajamas


*We were not paid to endorse any of these products.

Surviving the First Two Weeks | Columbus Ohio Photographer

Newborn baby | Surviving the First Two Weeks | Columbus Ohio Photographer

During the first two weeks as new parents, we learned a lot. For example, we learned that we can go a lot longer without sleep than we ever thought possible. We also learned how blessed we are to have each other. I have fallen even more in love with my husband since sharing the experience of becoming parents. There is no way I could have done this without him.

In the first two weeks while I was still recovering from child birth, Jay helped me in more ways than I can count. From warming up meals and running errands to feeding me while I fed our son, there was nothing he wouldn’t do. He was also a wonderful emotional support while I adjusted to being a mom. If I had to describe my husband in just one word, it would be selfless. My favorite part of those first two weeks was watching how amazing my husband was with our son. He loved taking photos of him, holding him while he slept, and simply watching everything he did. It was clear that he was completely in love with him.

Below is a collage of several of the cell phone pictures Jay took of Josiah. Note: not all photos were taken in the first two weeks.

My 1st Trimester | Galloway Ohio Photographer

My 1st Trimester | Galloway Ohio Photographer

On Friday, January 6th, around 3:15 pm, I found out that we were expecting our first child. When my husband, Jay, arrived at home about an hour later, I told him the good news. He was just as excited as I was.

The first sign of pregnancy symptoms began when I was about 5 1/2 weeks along, with nausea and fatigue. As the first trimester progressed, the nausea grew worse and I got a sick a few times. I had an awful taste in my mouth 24/7 and I always seemed tired.

At around 8 weeks, I had my OB coordinators appointment where the nurse practitioner discussed the do’s and dont’s of pregnancy.  At that time, she also gave me an estimated due date of September 14th. At 9 weeks, I had my first ultrasound where the tech confirmed the due date of September 14th. We also got to hear the heartbeat for the very first time. Our baby had a strong healthy heartbeat of 156 bmp. At the 10 week mark, I took a genetic blood test. February 24th was my first doctor’s appointment where we once again heard our little peanut’s heartbeat. On Monday, February 27th we closed on our new house and made the move. Then, on March 12th we hosted a gender reveal party for our family and friends to announce the gender of our baby. It’s a boy!

The 2nd trimester started off with a bang. I came down with some sort of a stomach virus all while my husband was passing a kidney stone and we were travelling to NYC for a work-related trip. I was finally feeling better and we had a few good days in NYC. When we arrived home, my allergies flared up really bad and I couldn’t breathe through my nose for several days. My allergies are finally under control and mild heartburn has begun. My belly bump is starting to show, which makes finding the right clothes a little more difficult, but we are thankful for our little blessing and can’t wait until September.


About Me Monday | Dublin Ohio Photographer

Tupelo Children’s Mansion Visit | About Me Monday | Dublin Ohio Photographer

Two weeks ago, my dream came true and I finally had the opportunity to visit Tupelo Children’s Mansion in Tupelo, Mississippi. My husband and I drove there after an event outside Nashville, Tennessee in early August.

When Joyful Moments Photography first began, it existed as a non-profit organization through my local church and all the proceeds benefited Tupelo Children’s Mansion. Now that we are an officially licensed business in Ohio, a portion of the proceeds still go toward this amazing cause. Since 2015, the clients of Joyful Moments Photography have helped raise thousands of dollars for the children of Tupelo Children’s Mansion.

During our visit, we toured the 40+ acre grounds, the beautiful facilities, the spacious girls and boys homes, and saw their goals for future renovations. Some highlights of the trip included speaking with Stephen (president/CEO) and Erma (executive director) Judd, getting to know the wonderful staff, as well as meeting the young girl we sponsor!

Tupelo Children’s Mansion has had a place in our hearts for many years. It was a dream come true to visit this wonderful source of hope for dozens of children.


To learn more about Tupelo Children’s Mansion, or to become a sponsor, click here.


About Me Monday | Dublin, Ohio Photographer

Birthday Celebrations | About Me Monday | Dublin, Ohio Photographer

We have been doing a lot of celebrating around here. My husband turned 28 on May 12th and I turned 27 this past Saturday, May 21st. We celebrated our birthdays with his side of the family on his actual birthday. He chose the restaurant, so of course, we went to Skyline, his favorite. I also got him Der Dutchman donuts and we spent time relaxing at home that evening. With my family, we celebrated on Monday, May 16th at BJ’s Restaurant, my favorite, and one of Jay’s favorites as well.

My birthday fell on a Saturday, so my Primrose co-workers brought me cards and a cupcake on the day before. They are too kind! On Saturday, I shot a wedding in Columbus so I didn’t do a whole lot of celebrating but I did get to pick where we ate for lunch and dinner and then Jay took me to Menchie’s in the evening for some sorbet. On Sunday, we decided to celebrate our birthdays together, just the two of us. Jay spoiled me a bit and we went to Eddie Merlot’s for dinner. I got a yummy filet mignon and he got a meatloaf with mashed potatoes and a salad. We also went to Gigi’s to get my free birthday cupcake. After eating, we played some arcade games at Dave & Busters. We finished off the evening by doing a little shopping.

I had a wonderful weekend of celebrating with my husband and I enjoyed the time with family on the other two occasions. I am blessed!

About Me Monday | Dublin, Ohio Photographer

Growing up, I lived in a home in the “country” that my family built. I was used to a big yard and the privacy that comes with it. When my husband and I got married we moved into a tiny one bedroom apartment in Gahanna, Ohio and now we live in a two bedroom apartment in Dublin, Ohio. Today, I want to talk about the pros and cons of apartment living from my point of view.



  • Maintenance-free living. If our dish washer, washing machine, furnace, or anything else stops working, we don’t have to worry about a surprise expense. We just call our maintenance man and he comes and fixes it.
  • No yard work. My husband especially appreciates this one as he is not a fan of mowing the grass.


  • Not much privacy. If we were to open our windows, everyone could easily see right in from the parking lot.
  • Noisy. We can hear everything our neighbors do. Unfortunately, the people who live above us can be quite loud when we are trying to relax or get something done. Did I mention they have a treadmill?
  • No freedom. By this I mean that we can’t update our counters or replace the carpet with hardwoods. Apartment living means a limit on our ability to customize our space.

While these lists could go on, I will spare you. All I can say is, I am ready to own a home.


About Me Monday | Dublin, Ohio Photographer

My Weekend | About Me Monday | Dublin, Ohio Photographer

My husband knows how to kick off a weekend, I came home to find a bag of fun size Snickers peanut butter bars (my favorite candy bar) and two bags of peanut butter M&M’s (my favorite candy). He also picked up a gluten free pizza from Romeo’s which we hadn’t tried before. I recommend it! It has a thicker crust than most other gluten free pizzas.

This past Saturday morning I went to the Gluten-Free Food Allergy Fest in Columbus at the Ohio Expo Center. I was accompanied by one of my best friends, Rachel, of Rachel’s Rambles. To onlookers, we probably looked like really big nerds and had a ton of fun! The highlight of the event was sampling so many new gluten free foods and receiving a bunch of coupons. Our bags were full and so were our bellies. I am looking forward to trying all of the new products I learned about.


After the fest, we headed to watch my brother-in-law at his submission only Jiu-Jitsu competition. I learned a lot and took almost 100 pictures for him. I had a great time hanging out with all of his other fans.

In the evening, my husband had planned a special surprise but I figured it out before he had the chance to surprise me. The plan was to go to Cheesecake Factory in Cincinnati and then watch the IMAX production of America’s National Parks. We called ahead to the Cheesecake Factory and the hostess told us that no one waits more than 15 minutes at their location. When we arrived, there were 28 other guests on the list and the wait time was ~45 minutes. We went to Hot Head burritos instead. The IMAX show was awesome! It felt like we were flying through the parks in a helicopter. If you are in the area and like the National Parks, I definitely recommend it.



About Me Monday | Dublin, Ohio Photographer

Perfectionist | About Me Monday | Dublin, Ohio Photographer

As you may have already guessed from a previous post about my cleaning habits, I am a bit of a perfectionist. Being a perfectionist has it’s pro’s and con’s.


  • My house is pretty much always clean. This means that I don’t have to run around crazily every time someone suddenly is about to come over. It also means that I never have to do a ton of cleaning all in one day. I have a daily cleaning schedule that allows me to spread everything out over a week’s time.
  • I am very organized because I want everything to go perfectly as planned in my mind. I keep three calendars to help make this happen. I also have several to-do list’s to make sure I don’t forget about anything.
  • Being a perfectionist makes me a better photographer and drives me to keep improving.



  • I can be ultra critical of myself. I am patient with everyone else but I am not always patient with myself. I want to do everything perfectly the first time and when it doesn’t happen, I blame it all on myself. I have trouble giving myself grace.
  • It is difficult for me to ever truly relax or rest because I always have something on one of my to-do list’s that I should be doing instead. I can’t relax if something is out of place or needs to be done. Example: If ironing is on today’s list of things to accomplish, I can’t rest until it is done and I can’t go to bed if there are dishes in the sink.
  • It sometimes makes sessions and/or editing take longer. Example: I have to get every wrinkle out of the backdrop during a newborn session.

I suppose the hardest part of growing is identifying your weaknesses. Now if only I could get those perfect too.

About Me Monday | Dublin, OH Photographer

Five facts about me | About Me Monday | Dublin, Ohio Photographer

Five things you probably didn’t know about me:

  1. I HATE pickles! I can’t even stand the smell of them really. If a restaurant accidentally includes them on my sandwich or even on my plate, I just have to send it back. Nothing worse than soggy fries drenched in pickle juice. Yuck! I know this is just my opinion and there are lots of pickle lovers out there. Don’t worry, we can still be friends, just don’t make me eat a pickle.
  2. Negativity. It really bothers me when people insist on bringing up seemingly “inevitable” negative possibilities. For example, when someone finds out you are getting married and they think it’s a good idea to talk about how you are going to argue with your future spouse and how there will be so many bad habits you won’t be able to stand about the other person. Another example would be when people bring up all the negative parts about having a baby, as if the information is helpful. Seriously, I don’t need to know how little I will sleep or how many things I won’t be able to do with a new baby. No one likes a Debbie Downer.
  3. I am deathly afraid of my children not liking me. This one doesn’t really need explaining so I will just leave it at that.
  4. I am a planner. I have at least two lists and three calendars for everything. So as you can imagine, I don’t like that I have no idea where my life is headed. I don’t know what will happen next and that worries me because I can’t plan for something that I don’t know will take place.
  5. I have absolutely no idea how to relax. It is basically impossible for me. In fact, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t like it if I ever figured it out.

About Me Monday | Dublin, OH Photographer

Exciting News | About Me Monday | Dublin, Ohio Photographer

I have some BIG, EXCITING news to share with you all on this Monday’s about me blog post. Before you even have the chance to think it, NO, I AM NOT PREGNANT!

The news is this: my husband and I are going to have the opportunity to travel to Mississippi to visit and tour Tupelo Children’s Mansion this August. I am beyond excited! I have wanted to go since I was a teenager. We will be able to not only tour the grounds, but we will also get to meet the child that we sponsor. I absolutely cannot wait!

I will take lots of photos and share them all with you as soon as we get back. I can’t believe this dream is finally going to come true!